American Blue Line

History, Description & Objective - 

When we started back in 2004 our main focus was American Blue Marked Dumbos and Russian Blue Siamese. We bred one generation of American Blue Dumbos in 2005 and then crossed the line to TEK Matthias and the line went on to produce Russian Blue Agoutis. Never once did another American Blue pop up even though the line was fairly linebred. The gene stayed buried in the line until a litter was bred in BVR's related marked line in June 2010 that produced two Russian Silver (American Blue + Russian Blue) boys. With one of these boys we hope to resurrect our marked American Blue line.

American Blue is described by the URSA as:
"A deep, slate blue with a pale undercoat. A darker shade is preferred over lighter blues such as "sky" and "powder".

The overall goal of this line is to produce darker, slate-blue rats with markings that are safe and known within this line.
We intend breedings to include American Blue, Russian Silver and Black, standard and Dumbo ears, Standard and Satin coats. Health will be closely tracked and monitored.

Breeding Plans -

We have litter #3 in the nest right now between DAZL Murphy MacManus and DAZL O'Hara. More info can be found on their litter page as they develop.
Future plans are to breed siblings from the #2 litter, DAZL Guinness and DAZL Baileys for a litter in the Spring 2014. This pairing will give us a better look into the health of the DAZL Teak x DAZL Eunice Bloom cross as well as promote their wonderful temperaments and conformation qualities.

Pending a suitable mate and subsequent approval from the BVR, a Summer 2014 litter is tentatively being planned to include BVR Grumpy Cat, a Russian Blue Berkshire Dumbo doe from BVR's related marked line.

Health Concerns - 

We are monitoring the line for early-onset and chronic respiratory problems.

Breeding Archive -

BVR Crowley
Russian Silver
American-Irish Dumbo
xBVR Scarlett
Russian Cinnamon Irish

DAZL Murphy MacManus
Russian Silver Agouti
Headspot Berkshire Buck
DAZL Connor MacManus
Russian Silver Agouti
Headspot Berkshire Buck
DAZL Smecker
Russian Blue Agouti Irish Buck
DAZL Il Duce
Russian Blue Agouti Irish Buck

DAZL Rocco
Russian Cinnamon Self Buck
DAZL Eunice Bloom
Russian Silver Agouti
Headspot Berkshire Doe

 We decided to start with a sibling breeding for the purpose of monitoring health as well as to try to tease out American Blue right away. Crowley and Scarlett had just turned 12 months old when their litter was born. Strangely, Scarlett only gained 47g in her pregnancy. Considering the small size of the litter and the need to monitor health I decided to hold back the whole litter. At this writing the litter is currently 18 months of age and all have been more healthy and robust than the parents with no signs of respiratory problems at any point. I don't expect them all to maintain perfect health but having had no problems up to this point is far better than I expected.

 Although I had hoped for it, I was still surprised to see the American Blue come through on three of the Russian Blue Agoutis. They looked Russian Silver as newly-furred pups otherwise I'd have never thought of them as anything other than washed out RBAs. Subsequent breedings will prove whether they are Russian Silver Agoutis or not.

 Conformation qualities are lacking in the entire litter. While I am happy with the general size across the litter, their heads are entirely too flat and long for my liking. Coloration is muddy but that is to be expected with all the modifiers floating around. I do like the full markings on the berkshires.


Litter #2 - Irish Drinks

March 7, 2013

Black Satin Rex
xDAZL Eunice Bloom
Russian Silver Agouti Headspot Berkshire

DAZL Guinness
Black Self Dumbo Buck
Black English Irish Buck
DAZL Brennans
Russian Blue English Irish Buck
DAZL Smithwicks
Mink Berkshire Rex Buck

DAZL Jameson
Russian Blue Siamese Rex Buck
DAZL Magilligan
Russian Blue Siamese Rex Buck
Black Berkshire Rex Doe
DAZL Baileys
Russian Blue Self Rex Doe
DAZL Avoca
Russian Blue Agouti Self Rex Doe

 Crowley had been sent to Moonlit Waters Rattery to try to get another litter from him for their breeding program. I had intended to get a couple of babies from that litter to broaden my base for the start of this color focus. Attempts were made with two does but unfortunately a litter did not result.

 I felt uncomfortable having the American Blue gene isolated to one litter with no plans to breed from them until the bucks reached 15 months. I really did not think Eunice had the ability to produce being the only doe in her litter, but I decided to try. I did not want to do another sib-breed on this line, so I had to look to my other bucks. Although younger than I'd like, my best option at the time was DAZL Teak (10 months), our Black Satin Rex buck out of our other line. Teak does not carry the American Blue gene, but if Eunice (9 months) was indeed a Russian Silver Agouti then the babies would carry the gene. The subsequent pairing and delivery went smoothly and I was satisfied with the results. 

 There were some conformation improvements with this pairing. Guinness and Baileys are the best in the litter with both having melt-in-your-hand temperaments and nice conformation. The head structure on O'Hara and Baileys has been fantastic since they were a few weeks old and I can only hope they pass that qualilty down to their offspring. Guinness, with a nice head and earset, has fantastic depth of color but is heavily silvered throughout. Jameson has a great Rex coat and does have decent points considering he is from a marked line. Avoca has whatever gene modifier that infuses my RBAs with yellow/red and will likely be bred for a separate project. Unfortunately heavy silvering runs through this litter and clearly colorpoint is carried by both lines. The Rex coats on the girls is disappointingly below the standard. Overall I am still pleased with the results of this litter and will work to fix the conformation flaws in future generations.

At this writing the litter is 9 months old and doing well. 


Litter #3 - TBA

December 12, 2013



DAZL Murphy MacManus
Russian Silver Agouti Berkshire
xDAZL O'Hara
Black Berkshire Rex

Buck 1
Buck 2
Buck 3
Doe 1
Doe 2
Doe 3
Doe 4
Doe 5
Satin / Rex

Doe 6
Doe 7
Satin Rex

 The ideal uncle-neice pairing, Murphy (18 months) is thought to be a Russian Silver Agouti and O'Hara (9 months) should carry American Blue from her mother. This litter is very important in helping us decide what direction we want to take next. More to come as the litter fully develops!   

Lifespan Tracker - 

To be filled in as the line progresses. 

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