Adoption Application

If you are interested in adopting from a current or future litter from DAZL, please fill out this application in full.
Please let us know if you need recommendations from caging to veterinarians.
Submitting an application does not guarantee approval for adoption.
City & State:
Email Address:
Phone Number:
If necessary, what is the best time to contact you by phone?
Website URL (if any):
Are you over 18?
If you are not local, please explain how you intend to get any rats we offer:
Do you own/rent your home?
How long have you lived at your current residence?
Do you plan to move in the near future?
If you rent or live with others, are you allowed to have rats as pets?
Please list those that live in the home, including children and their ages, and their involvement with the pets in the home.
Are these rats to be companion animals for you or someone else?
In the instance of children being in the home do you understand that you are solely responsible for the care of the rats at all times?
What other animals are in the home?
Have you ever had to rehome an animal? Please explain.
Do you breed any animals or plan to in the future?
Have you had rats before? Please list any prior experience.
If you currently own rats, please list them here along with their gender, age, and how you adopted them.
Have you adopted rats from other breeders? Please list.
What kind of cage will you use to house the rats? Are you willing to provide a photo of your setup?
Where will you keep the rats?
What kind of bedding or litter will you use with the rats?
What kind of food will be provided for the rats?
Do you understand the importance of quarantine if you currently own rodents? Do you have adequate off-site quarantine arrangements for new rats? How long do you quarantine new rodents?
Adopting rats from a responsible breeder generally lessens the chance for temperament and health problems down the line but does not guarantee the rats will not develop these issues. Do you understand and are you prepared to handle health issues and veterinary care if the need arises?
Do you have a veterinarian experienced with treating rats? Have you used this vet in the past?
Veterinarian's Name(s):
Clinic/Hospital Name:
Vet/Clinic Phone Number:
Which rats were you interested in adopting from DAZL? If you are interested in specific varieties, list them here.
If at any time and for any reason you no longer want or can no longer care for the rats we require they be returned to Dazzle Me Rattery. Please initial to indicate your agreement.
Have you reviewed and do you agree with our Policies and Adoption Contracts?
If approved, are you willing to update us on all of the above information once you have adopted our rats?
Are you willing to update us on the status of the rat's health & temperament throughout his/her life?
Do you have any questions or anything else to add?
By typing my name in this field, I authorize this as my electronic signature and hold that all information entered above is truthful and accurate. Sign Here:

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