FSTR Ariel

Cinnamon Self Doe

Carries: Russian Blue, Satin & Dumbo

DOB:August 17, 2011DOD:
Status:Breeding StockLitters:Trees
Line:Honey Cinnamon LineShow:Not Shown


Ariel is a darling girl with nice, deep and dark coloration. 

Behind the Name: Named for a moon on Uranus.


Has always been healthy.

4/2012 - Ariel had blood drawn for our annual Serology Panel.

312g at 4 months old.
320g at 8 months old.


Ariel was bred to DAZL Kosmikos and birthed the Trees litter on May 21, 2012.
The pairing produced a litter of 11 surviving pups (1 lost), 8 bucks and 3 does, in Agouti, Russian Blue Agouti, Black and Russian Blue in Standard, Satin and Satin-Rex coats, Standard and Dumbo ears.

Show Record

Not shown.

Ariel @ 4 months

Ariel @ 4 months


FSTR Gallant Fox
Pearl Merle Self Rex
Pearl Merle Self

.28mos. Sepsis from large abscess in abdominal cavity. 
FSTR Rocket Man
Pearl Merle Self Dumbo
29mos. Old age related illness.
BVR Chestnut
Cinnamon Irish

19mos. Chronic, asymptomatic lung disease.
BVR Honeygold
Mink Self Satin Rex
FSTR Bread Crusts
Black Self Satin
26mos. General ill health. Necropsy: Lg PT tumor, lack of body fat, 50-60% lung function.
BVR Mary of Gueldres
Russian Cinnamon Self Satin Rex Dumbo

39mos. Gross necropsy showed lungs in good condition, heart seemed slightly small, oversized axillary lymph nodes, but no indication of tumors.

FSTR Saybrook's Planet
Cinnamon Self

URSA Champion
BVR The World Ahead

Cinnamon Self
BVR Timey Wimey
Russian Blue Agouti Self
24mos. Necroposy revealed obesity, clear lungs, small benign mass in the omentum.
BVR Lake of Summer
Self Rex
35mos. Euthanized for injury.
FSTR Citation
Silvered Mink Self
Pearl Merle Self
28mos. Sepsis from large abscess in abdominal cavity.
BVR Honeygold
Mink Self Satin Rex

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