Rainbow Bridge

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Over the Bridge 2014

~You Remain in Everything We Do - in All that We Are~

MLWR Greymalkin
Russian Fawn Blazed Berkshire Buck
[BVR Newton Pulsifer x BVR Anathema Device]
2.14.12 - 1.19.14
23mos. Sudden respiratory episode resulting in death.

DAZL Tuckeroo
Agouti Satin Dumbo Buck
[DAZL Kosmikos x FSTR Ariel]
5.21.12 - 1.20.14
20mos. Euthanized for a developing ZG Tumor.

BVR Muritan
Black Satin Doe
[BVR Liet-Kynes x BVR Siona]
6.10.12 - 1.26.13
19mos. Passed naturally. Had been treated for respiratory symptoms.

DAZL Il Duce
Russian Blue Agouti Irish Buck
[BVR Crowley x BVR Scarlett]
6.15.12 - 2.08.14
19mos. Suspected fast onset of a Pituitary Tumor based on behaviors during the past week.

DAZL Trinity Pear
Russian Blue Agouti Satin Doe
[DAZL Kosmikos x FSTR Ariel]
5.21.12 -3.28.14
22mos. Euthanized for chronic respiratory issues affecting quality of life.

DAZL Redwood
Agouti Dumbo Buck
[DAZL Kosmikos x FSTR Ariel]
5.21.12 - 4.04.14
22mos. Necropsy showed abscessed lungs with little capacity left. All other organs looked good.

DAZL Rosewood
Agouti Satin Rex
[DAZL Kosmikos x FSTR Ariel]
5.21.12 - 5.05.14
23mos. Long battle with recurring URI.

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