Honey Cinnamon Line

History, Description & Objective - 

In trying to reduce the myriad of single-color lines we wanted to work with, we decided to lay out what our favorite colors were and find a way to combine them. As we love Agouti, Fawn (RED) and Mink, this led us to Honey Cinnamon as we can use all three in the same line. We love Agouti and Cinnamon with beautiful RED-influenced highlights, and Honey Cinnamon certainly fits the bill. Honey Cinnamon is not a color currently recognized by the URSA, so we will be working to produce and standardize this variety.

Honey Cinnamon, also known as Havana Agouti, or Havana Cinnamon, is described by the Fancy Rat Wiki as:
"A very bright Cinnamon, with clear reddish orange tips on the fur. This is a very attractive, dazzling color and quite striking when seen in person." 

The overall goal of this line is to produce rats with a fun, cuddly teddy-bear look with the personality to match.
We intend to mold this line to produce both self and marked rats in Satin-Rex coats and Dumbo ears.

This line stems from our work in our Original Line, the Russian Cinnamon Outcross line, and rats we have adopted from lines at BVR, MLWR and FSTR. The work here will be to clean out the Russian Blue in the line, consistently produce Honey Cinnamon, add in Dumbo ears, refine the Satin-Rex coat, select for floppy temperaments and as always improvement of health and longevity. This line will be years in the making and we are excited to be documenting it from the start! 

Breeding Plans - 

Litter #2 - February 2013
BVR Watt (Agouti Satin) x DAZL Rosewood (Agouti Satin-Rex)
Wyatt is a very nice, muscular Agouti buck with a gentle disposition. Rosewood is an up-and-coming favorite here with her lovely head profile, spirited attitude and beautiful coloration and coat quality. We're also hoping to achieve some of the longevity displayed in parts of both sides of the pedigree.

The idea behind this litter is to help us pare down to straight Agouti and weed out the Russian Blue. We hope to get a really nice Agouti or, with a good roll of the dice, a nice Cinnamon doe to help keep us moving forward. 

Litter #3 - November 2013

The sire of this litter will be the best buck of the Trees litter paired with the best doe from Rosewood's litter.

Breeding Archive -

DAZL Kosmikos
Russian Blue Agouti
Satin-Rex Dumbo
xFSTR Ariel
Cinnamon Doe

DAZL Redwood
Agouti Dumbo Buck
DAZL Mahogany
Agouti Dumbo Buck
DAZL Sycamore
Agouti Satin Buck
DAZL Tuckeroo
Agouti Satin Dumbo Buck
Black Satin-Rex Buck
DAZL Juniper
Russian Blue Irish
Satin Buck
DAZL Blue Oak
Russian Blue Agouti Satin
Dumbo Buck
DAZL Woolybutt
Russian Blue Agouti
Satin-Rex Buck
DAZL Rosewood
Agouti Satin-Rex Doe

DAZL Trinity Pear
Russian Blue Agouti
Satin Doe
DAZL Star Magnolia
Russian Blue Agouti
Satin-Rex Dumbo Doe

Lifespan Tracker - 

To be filled in as the line progresses.
For a general idea of the line please review the Original Line and Russian Cinnamon Line tracker pages.

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