An Introduction to the Rattery

  Dazzle Me Rattery is a small hobby breeding program devoted to producing amazing rats that make the best companions for our family, friends, and other qualified adopters. We have been in operation since 2004 and have cared for rats from all walks of life for more than a decade. Over the years we have worked with many breeders, varieties and bloodlines from all four corners of the US. In previous years we have been very active in the community including participating in forums, helping in rescue, running a rat club, and participating in conformation shows. To keep our main focus on what is truly important for our rats, we have decided to reduce our level of involvement in the community.

 We are currently registered with the North American Rat Registry, though we mostly keep our records on our website and in our own database. We are a member of the Rat Fanciers of the Lakes and attend the annual conformation shows in Michigan. We breed toward the standards set out by the United Rat Standards Affiliation.

General Rat Care

There are many options for providing your rats with the best of care. It is up to the owner to weigh the pros and cons of each and make the best educated decision for their rats. We will share here what works best for us at this time.

Diet - We consistently feed our rats a staple diet of Harlan Teklad Lab Blocks, formula #2018. This is also known as Native Earth formula #4018. We also offer our rats fresh and frozen vegetables, occasional fruits, and several home-cooked meals that they enjoy.

Bedding - We favor Harlan Teklad's Aspen Sanichips over all other beddings. We like the fresh look, the superior absorbency and lightness of the product. We also use Premier Pet Aspen Shavings when we run out of the Sanichips. The shavings are purchased only through Tractor Supply Co., and frozen for an extended period of time before use.

Caging - Martin's Cages have always been a highly recommended enclosure for small animals. We use the R-680 and R-695 models for adult cages and the R-670 and CC-3018 models for babies and young rats. For our geriatric rats we tend to use single-level SuperPet cages or bin-style cages to prevent injury due to mobility issues.

Enrichment - It is important to offer things to keep the rats mentally stimulated. We like to include various plastic igloos or huts, fabric hammocks and sleepsacks, cardboard boxes for chewing enjoyment, 11" wire mesh wheels for exercise, and other items the rats find amusing.

Sanitation - On a weekly schedule each cage is taken down, emptied, and thoroughly scrubbed, sanitized and set up slightly differently to offer variation.

Environment - Ensure that your rats are in an area with adequate climate control. The rat room is in a smoke-free house and has supplemental heat available in the winter months, their own air conditioning unit in the summer months and year-round air filtration. You must be careful not to keep their environment too warm, too cold, or too drafty. Be aware of all the conditions your rats might encounter in the area you intend to keep them and take measures to make the area safe and appropriate.This includes monitoring other animals in the home.

Parasite Prevention & Treatment - Revolution is our medication of choice when it comes to the treatment and prevention of ectoparasites. We use the small kitten/cat formulation, one drop on the shoulders, and treat all incoming rats. We also give a dose to all of our rats prior to and following all shows our rats attend.

Veterinary Care - An essential part of owning rats is to find a veterinarian that is willing to treat rats, and preferrably one that is experienced in treating rats. We're very fortunate to have a local veterinarian that has experience in treating rats and other small animals. Our veterinarian has treated our rats for various things, including an emergency c-section and also performs necropsies on our breeding animals. It is also important to have a back-up veterinarian, and knowledge of an emergency clinic that can treat rats in the off hours, on weekends, and holidays. 

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