DAZL Step Into the Light
Fawn Berkshire Rex Dumbo
Carries: Mink, Russian Blue, Markings
Dob: September 27, 2007
DAZL ID: 8-71-02F
Status: Breeder
Litters: to DAZL Neverland
Litter Page

Lia is an adorable orange Fawn Rex girl. She is an extremely sweet and personable female. She's secretly one of my favorites. On top of her wonderful temperament, she's an amazingly beautiful girl. Her color seems to become deeper and more 'red' as she matures.

Update: Lia had a litter on January 11th and is doing more than a great job.
Her bubs are beautiful and healthy.

June 08: We are currently awaiting Lia's second litter!
She's an excellent rat and looks like she'll be an excellent
mom once again.

Lia @ 8 mos old

Lia @ 24 days

Lia calmly resting in the palm of my hand as a pup


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