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Current Litters

DAZL Sycamore
Agouti Self Satin Buck

Russian Blue Agouti Rex Doe

This is an uncle-niece pairing to purposely produce the bright, golden coloration we are finding
running through our Russian Blue Agoutis. More info on this project to come!

Litter Born March 19, 2014
4 Bucks, 9 Does
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Trio of does available!

Planned Litters

Possible Litter November 2014
(Available in January 2015)

DAZL Guinness
Black Self Dumbo
xDAZL Ravenswood
Black Self

taking things back to black for this litter. Guinness is a favorite of mine. He is a beautiful black boy with good size and weight to him. His earset is decent and necessary in trying to get Dumbo back in my breedings. He has a strong head with big eyes. I'd like to see more muscle, a little less length in his nose, and less silvering but otherwise are very happy with his development. He is a sweet guy with a nice foot tuck. Raven has become a fast favorite. She is developing quite nicely with some good substance to her body, a decent head shape, big eyes, and glossy black coat. I've wanted to breed Guinness since he was a baby and I'm so glad to have found a really great match for him. Several colors are possible with this pairing including Black, Russian Blue, American Blue, Russian Silver, Mink and dilutes. Standard and Satin coats. Dumbos possible.

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