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DAZL Murphy MacManus
Russian Silver Agouti Berkshire Buck

Black Berkshire Rex Doe
This uncle-neice pairing will help us continue our work to establish the American Blue gene in our program, while at the same time help us to bring out some markings, continue to broaden our rex base, and improve on conformation qualities. 

Litter Born December 12, 2013
3 Bucks, 7 Does
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Does Available!

DAZL Sycamore
Agouti Self Satin Buck

Russian Blue Agouti Rex Doe

This is an uncle-niece pairing to purposely produce the bright, golden coloration we are finding
running through our Russian Blue Agoutis. More info on this project to come!

Litter Born March 19, 2014
4 Bucks, 9 Does
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Accepting Applications Now!

Planned Litters

Litters being planned for Spring & Summer. Stay tuned!

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