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DAZL Elven Magic
x DAZL Illumination

Cinnamon Pearl Self Dumbo x Russian Fawn Self Rex Dumbo

Date of BirthReservation DateCan Go Home
November 5, 2008Approx. December 10December 17-30

Waiting ListLitter ThemeNARR

Agouti, Fawn, Russian Fawn, Russian Cinnamon with Self, Berkshire, Variegated and Capped markings.
All Dumbos. Standard & Rex Coats.

To linebreed back to the TEK Matthias side of things, bringing in further improvements in type and longevity while maintaining exceptional temperaments. This litter is also an attempt at bringing out more females with better temperaments. Temperaments have been "the best" in the males and "nice" in the females. We are trying to achieve for equal temperaments between both genders.

Elven Magic "Mathis" turns 2yrs old this month and this is his first litter. Lumina is 10mos old and had a completely normal and successful pregnancy and delivery. This information is very pertinent to the health of our line. We are very surprised by the amount of pups that are marked and in the variety of markings that have come through from our old marked line. While we do not expect any issues, we are watching the pups closely in their development. Seems the markings have been hidden in all the headspotted rats in recent generations. Our original marked line and the line we have now have both been linebred without issue and we expect no less from this litter. If all goes well, we will be keeping a few of the marked individuals to restart our work with marked rats.

12-06-08 -
This litter is amazingly playful and friendly. Exceptional temperaments. I am also delighted that most of the litter have nice Dumbo ears. Picking keepers is proving very difficult...

ResultAwards Litters Produced

Official Name Availability NARRDAZL ID#
DAZL Bleep Urchin ODD TBA12-102-01M Agouti Hooded Rex Dumbo
DAZL Spin Doctor Brett M. TBA12-103-02M Fawn Variegated Dumbo
DAZL Gadzooks Hold TBA12-104-03M Agouti Blazed Variegated Rex Dumbo
DAZL Cool Hand LukeBrett M.TBA12-105-04MAgouti Variegated Headspot Rex Dumbo
DAZL SkidaddleHoldTBA12-106-05MRussian Fawn Self Dumbo


DAZL BombasticAvailable*TBA12-107-01FRussian Fawn Self Rex Dumbo
DAZL Twiddle Me This KEEP TBA12-108-02F Russian Cinnamon Berkshire Dumbo
DAZL Syntax Error Available* TBA12-109-03F Russian Fawn (Light) Rex Dumbo
DAZL Whirlwind KEEP TBA12-110-04F Russian Cinnamon Capped Dumbo

***Bombastic and Syntax Error are similarly colored. We are willing to place a hold on either girl and pair her with a female from an upcoming litter. Both are darling girls.

~Litter Photo Gallery~
View photos of the pups as they grow!

Days 1-3Days 4-7Day 9Day 18

Day 25

Family History
Read up on the known history of this line.

DAZL Elven Magic
Cinnamon Pearl Self Dumbo

TEK Matthias
Cinnamon Pearl Self Dumbo
SGR Orange Julius
Fawn Berkshire Dumbo
TEK York Peppermint Patty
Lilac Berkshire Rex Dumbo

DAZL Hope Has a Place
Russian Cinnamon Self Dumbo
TEK Matthias
Cinnamon Pearl Self Dumbo

DAZL Aurora
American Blue Berkshire Dumbo
DAZL Illumination
Russian Fawn Self Rex Dumbo

DAZL Neverland
Agouti Berkshire Rex Dumbo
SGR Nestle Crunch
Agouti Berkshire Rex Dumbo
DAZL Holiday Flare
Fawn Self Dumbo

DAZL Step Into the Light
Fawn Berkshire Rex Dumbo
SGR Nestle Crunch
Agouti Berkshire Rex Dumbo
DAZL Holiday Flare
Fawn Self Dumbo

Further pedigree information available upon request or through the NARR