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Please review this entire page as well as our Contract to ensure you understand what is expected as one of our adopters. You will be required to agree to and sign the contract upon pickup of your rats. Filling out the Adoption Application signifies you have read and agree to all the terms described on this page as well as all the stipulations on the application and contract.

Dazzle Me breeds first for our own pets, our own breeding lines, family and friends, and then the general public. We do not breed on demand or to supply a pet market. While we would love for everyone to be able to have a pair of DAZL rats in their home, this is not feasible to keep up with on an ethical basis.

We are located in northwest Indiana. If you are not local you must be willing to drive to pick up your rats. 
We do not ship our rats to their new homes. All meetings are held in a public place for the safety of all involved.

Our current lines provide plenty of variety in our litters for you to pick from but our primary focus is on Honey Cinnamon and American Blue. 
We do not breed with the intent of producing hairless, dwarf or tailless rats as they each pose additional health risks and problems specific to their variety that we do not wish to promote.

We do not adopt out our own resident rats, including retired breeders.

Adoption fees are $25 each rat and babies are adopted in same-sex pairs or trios. Our rats are companion animals. We do not breed rats or sell rats with the intent of them becoming or producing food for another animal, to be used in research or to produce research animals, or to be bred ad infinitum for profit.

In general, we adopt to persons 18 years of age and older. If you are under 18, your parent(s) must read and agree to our policies and adoption contract and abide by all requirements described in them.

All potential adopters must fill out and answer completely our Adoption Application. If you need recommendations on any aspect of rat care we are more than happy to help. Please be patient as it can take a few days for us to respond to new applicants.

To maintain fairness and simplicity we keep a general waiting list for all of our litters.

Reservations will be open at midnight the day listed on a first come - first served basis. It is your responsibility to keep yourself up to date on our litters and the reservation dates posted. When submitting your request for specific pups, please be sure to include back-up selections.

Family, friends and other breeders we work with may place a Hold on pups we do not intend to keep before Reservation Day.

We reserve the right to offer you specific pups based on who we think will be the better match for you and/or your family.

If an instance occurs in which a particular pup is no longer eligible for adoption once reservations have been made, we may, at our discretion, offer you a sibling or, in the event an entire litter is no longer available, pups out of the next available litter.

Dazzle Me Rattery retains all ownership rights of all pups until a contract has been signed by both the breeder and the adopter. Reserving a rat is expressing interest in adopting said rat but you do not own the rat until a contract has been signed by both myself and the adopter. Last minute changes as to the availability of said rat are extremely rare but possible.

We reserve the right to deny any person for any reason, even at time of pickup, should we believe the placement is not appropriate for our pups.

Provided everything is going smoothly, pups will be able to go home at 8 weeks of age. A weekend date is usually set for pick up, however other arrangements can be made if necessary.

Please bring a pet carrier for your pups, keeping in mind that they need to move around comfortably but are small babies and need to be kept appropriately contained

We need regular updates on our rats once they are in their new homes to help us fully understand how well our lines are doing and how well the rats are adjusting to their new environment and family. Photo updates are also required as requested (we love to see our babies!). 

If you move, change phone numbers, email addresses, etc., you must update us so that we have a means of contacting you for updates in the future.

If at any time you are found to break the terms of the contract for any DAZL rat you own, or if we suspect proper care is not being given to your DAZL rats, or any other rats in your possession, we reserve the right to reclaim all DAZL rats contracted to you.

If at any point you must give up your rats, or can no longer care for them, they must be returned to us. We take back all DAZL rats.

Breeders - 

We will only consider placement of rats on breeding contracts to those individuals we have actively known and conversed with for a minimum of one year. No exceptions will be made.

Please review this entire page as well as our Breeder Contract to ensure you understand what is expected as one of our adopters. You will be required to agree to and sign the contract upon pickup of your rats.

All possible mates for your DAZL rat must be approved by us before a pairing takes place.

We reserve the right to revoke breeding rights on any and all DAZL rats at any time at our discretion.

DAZL reserves the right to second pick of any quantity out of any litter bred from a DAZL rat, including both genders and any variety produced in the litter.

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