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EKO Battleship
x BVR-FSTR Gimble

Russian Blue Self Rex x Black Self Satin-Rex

Birth DateReservation DateCan Go Home
January 7, 2009February 18After February 25

Waiting ListLitter ThemeNARR
Going Through ListNames Associated with RoyaltyTBA

Expecting Black and Russian Blue with the possibility of American Blue, Russian Silver, Mink and Colorpoint in Standard, Rex, Double Rex, Satin and Satin Rex coats

We have paired together two very sweet individuals to bring about rich Black and Russian Blue and also hoping to bring Siamese, preferrably Russian Blue Siamese, to the forefront. 

Gimble is a very attentive female and Battleship (also known as Teddy) is a very sweet and gentle boy.
1.09 - Gimble had a very smooth labor and delivery. She's being an excellent mother and does not stress out when I take babies out to examine them.
1.23 - Pups are doing very well and are starting to show their individual personalities
2.27 - Coming to a final decision on the keepers has been very difficult. The Siamese finally started getting in points just after 5 weeks old. Temperaments are much improved as they mature. I am overall very pleased with the litter.

ResultAwards Litters Produced

Official Name Availability NARRDAZL ID#
DAZL Elijah Keep TBA13-111-01M American Blue Pt Siamese Standard
DAZL Caspian Available TBA13-112-02M Russian Blue Pt Siamese Rex
DAZL Ivan Keep TBA13-113-03M Seal Pt Siamese Satin-Rex
DAZL MerlinReserved, ODDTBA13-114-04MBlack Standard
DAZL EdwinKeepTBA13-115-05MBlack Satin
DAZL JulianAvailableTBA13-116-06MBlack Rex 
DAZL NathanAvailableTBA13-117-07MBlack Rex 
DAZL NeilAvailableTBA13-118-08MAmerican Blue Rex
DAZL AedanKeepTBA13-119-09MBlack Double Rex


DAZL BranwenKeepTBA13-120-01FRussian Blue Pt. Siamese Satin Double Rex
DAZL Claribel Available TBA13-121-02F Seal Pt. Siamese Double Rex
DAZL Gwendolen Keep TBA13-122-03F Black Rex
DAZL Maeve Available TBA13-123-04F Black Double Rex

Merlin @ 6wks

Family History
Read up on the known history of this line.
***Needs updating for this part of the line***
Email for more info.

EKO Battleship
Russian Blue Self Rex

BVR Ahmose
Black Self Satin
BVR Princess Chicken
American Blue Satin
BVR Fortune Cookie
Siamese Dumbo

EKO Heidi Van Dankelein
Russian Blue Self Rex
EKO Mark Cohen
Russian Blue

EKO Sashenka
Russian Blue Rex
Black Self Satin-Rex

FSTR Morgenstern
Black Self Rex
FSTR Skimbleshanks
Mink Merle
FSTR Katahdin
Black Satin-Rex Dumbo

BVR Hatshepsut
BVR Princess Chicken
American Blue Satin
BVR Fortune Cookie
Siamese Dumbo

Further pedigree information available upon request or through the NARR