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Russian Cinnamon Line 2009 - Present

Note: We would like to create a more in-depth review of these lines. Until then we will list each litter with basic information.

This line will be a continuance of our previous line located within our Original Line.
This page will follow the line from the 2009 outcross onward.

DAZL Carry On Amadeus x URSA Gr. Ch. BVR Sea of Tranquility
December 23, 2009

NameLifespanCausePlacementShow PointsNotes
DAZL Fire On the MountainKeep
DAZL SomedayPet Placed
URSA Champion
DAZL Mockingbird 
Bao Varakhii Rattery15Bred
DAZL Give Me the MeltdownKeepBred
DAZL Her Diamonds21mosEuthanizedKeepChronic Respiratory
DAZL Cradle SongHoldbackSquirrely
DAZL WonderfulKeep5Bred
DAZL SnowblindKeepBred

BVR Ram's Bladder Cup x DAZL Wonderful
July 14, 2010

NameLifespanCausePlacementShow PointsNotes
DAZL EtchPet Placed
DAZL BuzzPet Placed
DAZL WoodyKeep
DAZL Mr. PricklepantsKeep
DAZL Bullseye13mosPet PlacedPossible Hemangioma
DAZL SlinkyKeep
DAZL Bo PeepKeep

BVR Orion x DAZL Snowblind
December 13, 2010

NameLifespanCausePlacementShow PointsNotes
DAZL VeryaPet Placed
DAZL MerilwenPet Placed
DAZL MaerwenPet PlacedSeizures, head tilt
DAZL DaerwenPet Placed
DAZL MirialPet Placed
DAZL ValisilwenPet Placed
DAZL NimwenPet Placed
DAZL BellerurainaKeep

DAZL Give Me the Meltdown x DAZL Wonderful
April 22, 2011

NameLifespanCausePlacementShow PointsNotes
DAZL Terra FirmaKeep
DAZL KosmikosKeep                           


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