URSA Grand Champion

BVR Sea of Tranquility

Russian Blue Agouti Satin-Rex Doe

Carries: Mink, possibly Colorpoint

DOB:November 14, 2008DOD:
Line:Russian Cinnamon LineShow:RFL 2009 - Best Agouti Doe
NIRO 2010 - Best Agouti Doe


 Tranquility was a cute little girl and she has flourished into a beautiful adult, even with her "alien eyes". She has a very short head profile, huge eyes, and a lustrous satin-rex coat that actually shines. She has a fantastic temperament that meshes well with my line and therefore she was selected as THE doe to begin our outcross line.

Behind the Name: Tranquility is from a Lunar Waters themed litter.


Has always been healthy.


Tranq was bred to DAZL Carry On Amadeus for the Cradle Song litter born December 23, 2009. The litter produced 8 surviving pups (1 loss), 4 bucks and 4 does which included Russian Blue Agouti and Russian Blue in Standard & Rex coats, topear and Dumbo.

Show Record

RFL 2009 - Best Agouti Doe
NIRO 2010 - Best Agouti Doe

Tranq @ 18 months



BVR Yellow Moon
Dove Rex
29mos. Euthanized due to injury.
Necropsy showed heavy lung scarring, abscessing, total loss of body weight.
FSTR Lucky Charms
Mink Rex
26mos. Liver abnormalities and lung scarring consistent with age.
FSTR Cyprus
Black Self Rex
36mos. Old age.
FSTR Rose Tyler
Siamese Dumbo
23mos. Euthanized for sizable mammary tumor
BVR Ocarina
Mink Berkshire

24mos. Major lung damage and abscessing, loss of body fat.

BVR Oobleck
Mink Starred Berkshire Dumbo
20mos. Possible heart failure.
Black Self

32mos. Euthanized for general ill health associated with age.
URSA Grand Champion
FSTR Eadhadh

20mos. Euthanized for recurrent non-heritable fibrosarcoma.
TEK Snost and Lost
Russian Blue Agouti Satin
18mos. Euthanized for failing health.
TEK Scallywag
Russian Blue Agouti Satin
TEK Sadie the Goat
Russian Blue Agouti

FSTR Willow
30mos. Old age.
FSTR Silver Arrow
Pearl Merle
34mos. Old age.
FSTR Katahdin
Black Dumbo Satin-Rex

21mos. Unknown.


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